Рейтинг книг в Английской Википедии

вер. 1.04
# Название Популярность
1Fifty Shades of Grey
2James Bond
3The Lord of the Rings
4The Great Gatsby
5Twilight (Meyer novel)
6Nineteen Eighty-Four
7A Game of Thrones
8Romeo and Juliet
9Kama Sutra
10Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
11To Kill a Mockingbird
12Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
13The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
14The Catcher in the Rye
15Inferno (Dante)
16The Hobbit
18The Winds of Winter
19Pride and Prejudice
20Animal Farm
23Divine Comedy
24Brave New World
25The Picture of Dorian Gray
26Breaking Dawn
28Don Quixote
30Gears of War
31Of Mice and Men
32Atlas Shrugged
33Catching Fire
35Sex (book)
36World War Z
37The Three Musketeers
38Jane Eyre
39Monogatari (series)
40Lord of the Flies
41The Amityville Horror
42The Da Vinci Code
43Porno (novel)
45The Fault in Our Stars
46Fahrenheit 451
47Paradise Lost
48Dune (novel)
49Wuthering Heights
51Michelin Guide
52Book of Revelation
53Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
54Bhagavad Gita
55Artemis Fowl
56Anna Karenina
57Guinness World Records
58Les Misérables
59A Dance with Dragons
60It (novel)
61Great Expectations
62The Handmaid's Tale
63Diary of a Wimpy Kid
64One Thousand and One Nights
65Mein Kampf
66The Perks of Being a Wallflower
67The Art of War
68The Federalist Papers
70Ulysses (novel)
71The Phantom of the Opera
74The Canterbury Tales
75Epic of Gilgamesh
76Peter principle
77The Alchemist (novel)
78Dandelion Wine
79I Am Number Four
80The Giver
81The Count of Monte Cristo
82Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
83A Tale of Two Cities
84The Little Prince
86American Psycho
87Divergent (novel)
88War and Peace
89The Road
90Republic (Plato)
91The Stand
92A Series of Unfortunate Events
93The Grapes of Wrath
95Universal Declaration of Human Rights
96Oliver Twist
97The Tempest
98New Moon (novel)
99Old Testament
100Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
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